Decryption support in video player?

Is it possible to have decryption support in the new video player?

Preferably along the lines of adding a Content Decryption Module like on the browser which allows for standard out-of-the-box solutions, for example popular licensing/DRM solutions where supported (Playready, Widevine, etc.)

Also - though I guess this is a different issue, does the video play support DASH and/or HLS?

Hi dmko,

I know that this response is late but I couldn't find any other forum posts and thought that this response might be helpful to you and other developers. When it comes to DRM solutions in Unity, NexPlayer's video plugin supports Widevine DRM across all Android & iOS devices. We have more information available on our forum post if you're interested.

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whoa... this is so weird on a couple levels:

  1. at the time I wrote the original post (2017) I was working on a startup idea that was then abandoned... literally just this week I thought of resurrecting it and was wondering if I could leverage any solutions that have emerged on the market since then :)

  2. I also stopped developing unity for a while but just resurrected that for a side-gig VR thing... had some issues with the forum. not even sure if the account listed here (dmko) is the same as what I have now (dakomz) - but I still get notifications :smile:

looks like it's meant to be and I should at least give it a whirl ;) will followup in the nearish future hopefully. Thanks!

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