Dedicated Server Database

I started working on a game Idea for a competitive online game which is based on a turn based combat system.

After thinking a bit about my Idea 2 questions got to my mind.

First: Is it possible to use a dedicated server for your Unity games? And whats the best way to do so, if i only have 1v1 situations → only two clients on one server?

Second: Is it possible to connect your server to some kind of database, where all data about the player and his character, his abilitys, his stats and the things he unlocked and did not unlock is stored?

I am gratefull for all kinds of answers.

Sorry for my bad english.

It is quite possible. There are several game backend server as a service platforms available that you can try out.

Personally, I use PlayFab in quite a few of my games, but you can also take a look at GameSparks, Amazon AWS, and many more. Just google game backend as a service.

Hope this helps,