Deep profiling a project using multithreading stopped working in Uniity 2022.2.5

This are the lines of code where everything hangs after activating Deep profiling in the profiler:

                () =>


await Task.WhenAll(TextureGen_Tasks);

No error is reported, threads are not executed and the checks I do afterwards wait for them.

Never had any issue until the last version of unity, I could also deep profile before without any problem.
I didn't touch this portion of the code in the last months.

Is there a bug in the profiler of Unity 2022.2.5f1? Something changed and I didn't notice?

I'm not aware of any bugs of the sort being reported. Could you please report a bug via the Editor Menu Help > Report A Bug?

Thanks for the answer .. even if one month and a half later.

I will eventually report a bug, but I'm working on something else right now, would have no time to follow up with the bug report.

Some infos related to the problem would be appreciated.
Probably the way deep profiling tasks is handled was changed in the last release/s.

Upgraded to Unity Lts 2022.3.1f1 .. the problem is still present.

Tasks / Threads are not working when deep profiling is active.