Deep Profiling with new Input System shows unusable hierarchy


I have the problem that running the profile with deep profiling on Unity 2021.3.0f1 in a project that uses the new Input System leads to a pretty unusable hierarchy consisting only of recursive calls to DelegateHelpers.InvokeCallbacksSafe().


Probably related to this bug, the CPU usage window no longer rescales properly after a short 'warmup' and shows an excessive load on the CPU that is not reflected in the frame's hiearchy (Script execution time based on CPU usage: 183ms, time based on hierarchy: ~24ms)


As you can imagine. This makes deep profiling unusuable for me.

Do you have any suggestions, what I could try to fix this?


Updating the engine to 2021.3.6f1 did not change anything

Same problem with Unity 2022.1.10f1

Does this happen on new project?

If this is still happening for you, could you please report a bug via the Editor Menu Help > Report A Bug ?

I've also logged your feedback regarding the difficulty to navigate the hierarchy

I don't see this in my 2022 project (which is also using the new input system a fair bit).

I use Unity Events to respond to input events.


What are you using? It might be important.

Same thing with 2019.4.31f1, unusable deep profile due to this apparently recursive input call.