Default References of a Script

As of now I am trying to make my game multiplayer, and for my script I need it to let me set up default values for it. For example I have this.

public var reticule : GUITexture[];
var colorOn : Color;
var colorOff : Color;

var colorOnFriendly : Color;

but they wont show up in the Default References area of a script. But if I have this, this does.

var example : Rigidbody;

How do I get my colors and GUITextures etc to show up in the default references?

EDIT : Ive figured out the colors thanks to the below comment but I still can figure out the GUITexture. Help would be appreciated.

Strange that reticule isn't showing up, but Colors won't show up - the idea is that you set the defaults in code, which you can't do with unity object references.


var colorOn : Color = Color(1,1,1,1);


Looks like arrays of items won't show up in the default references. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a limitation, but worth bug reporting at any rate