Default render pipeline or HDRP for a PC game?

This question may be weird but i’m wondering if it would be better to use Unity’s default render pipeline for a PC game insetad of using HDRP. One friend told me that it is not recommended to use the default render pipeline because HDRP improves performance for PC games. Can someone explain me what would be better between default, Universal and HD render pipeline and why? Believe it or not, i’m liking more the results i’m getting with the default pipeline than the ones on the HDRP. specially because HDRP does not have particle materials, but has fog for volumetric lighting and i’m needing both things.

HDRP does not improve performance. In fact, it puts more strain on your GPU due to the high definition rendering of lighting and scene objects. I’ve found that in a small scene with just a player, FPS is at 60 in HDRP, but at like 300 in the standard render pipeline. But, that’s just my specs.

HDRP is used for triple A games that target high-end PC’s. Standard is a universal pipeline, with much lower realism and quality than HDRP, but runs smoothly, and is easier to work with. It all depends on the game you’re making, the platforms you’re targetting and your experience. I would highly suggest, use Standard or URP, for a PC game for laptops and lower-end PC’s as well as high end gaming PC’s. @JuanC44