Default texture compression

I hope Unity can provide some info here: It seems that the default texture compression is ASTC_6_6 - same as iOS - but when I build to simulator I get reports that ASTC is unsupported and all textures are decompressed at startup.

What’s the recommended texture compression? I created a preset to try ETC but it’s a big project so a huge reimport time, and I’d rather not have to step through all the range of options.

If this info is out there, please advise. I couldn’t see anything in this exact context. I have to import the project from PC, so original compression is DXT.

Have you tried to build to device?I tried to capture frame in XCode, and was able to see the ASTC_6x6 compression being used.

It’s same in unity:

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Appreciate the input. Interesting.

I’m seeing it in Unity no problem, so maybe it’s just the simulator build that decompresses. Debug console gets spammed with messages saying ASTC_6_6 unsupported for each texture.

I was hoping it might be just the simulator, so that looks to be the case if the device is handling it. Getting one next week so that’s one less thing to worry about.


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