Deferred lighting: How to improve quality and anti-aliasing?

Mac, OSX version 10.6.4, Unity3D version 3.1.0f4 (55865) Mac is 2.8Ghz Core2Duo, 9600M GT. And Deferred lighting looks HORRIBLE. Forward looks brilliant. No matter what I change, Deferred looks like an aliasing nightmare. Is this an issue? What could be wrong?

There isn't any anti-aliasing in deferred rendering; you can use an edge blur image effect. Other than that, you haven't described what "horrible" actually is.

Deferred is a horrible aliasing nightmare, the best thing you can do to help this is to mix it with supersampling, which you will have to write yourself. Though this is extremely simple, there are no online resources that one may use to easily enable you to do this. This will have to be mixed with a nice edge AA. It still will look like crap compared to even 4xMSAA, and give you a performance hit as great as 40-70% loss of framerate. It is the only possible solution at this time though. Maybe some day Unity will support Deferred lighting rendering, which allows for MSAA and all the nice tricks you get with deferred.

Congratulations on being able to see aliasing btw, you have good vision. The reason why deferred has horrible aliasing is because they know most people apparently can’t see jaggies. To me, they are the worst problem in modern computer graphics.

You can import image effects from standard assets, and apply the anti aliasing script to the camera. Works with deferred lightning.

Other than using something like Livenda’s CTAA, Unity AA sucks in deffered. Even with CTAA it’s not great. be nice if they could figure out how to do because Unreal does it really well.