Deferred Lighting Information

Is there a way to get the pure lighting and shadow information during a render?

At the moment I have a CommandBuffer that is executed AfterLighting. To get a fudged lighting pass, I Blit() the CurrentActive buffer to itself using a shader.
What this shader does, is divide the AfterLighting pass by the Albedo, which generates a crappy version of the lighting pass (which brings a few artefacts later). Is there a “proper” way of obtaining just the light pass before it’s applied to the CurrentActive?

Secondly is there a way to get this with the shadow information? As Shadows don’t seem to be processed during the CameraEvent pipeline.

I knew when I’d ask I’d find something.

For now we’re overriding the default Internal-Deferred.shader. It’s not working 100%, but we’re getting some of the info we need.

(Project Settings > Graphics, then add a Custom Deferred shader)