Define which control to edit a variable with by simple attribute?

Is there a simple way to tell the inspector to use a particular control for editing a given variable?

i.e something along the lines of:

[Slider(min = 0, max = 100)]
public int Something;

For some reason I think I remember seeing that somewhere, but I’ve tried searching and could only find complicated ways to do that. Or did I imagine seeing it…?

Sure would be nice, haven’t seen such thing (might be a future update, who knows).

You could although do this:

1. Create a folder named Editor, in that folder create this script (JavaScript) named customInspectorHelper:

#pragma strict

class customInspectorHelper extends Editor {

	var serObj : SerializedObject;	
	var sliderVal : SerializedProperty;

	function OnEnable () {
		serObj = new SerializedObject (target);
		sliderVal = serObj.FindProperty("sliderVal");

	function OnInspectorGUI () {
		serObj.Update ();

		GUILayout.Label("Pimp My Inspector");
		sliderVal.intValue = EditorGUILayout.IntSlider ("Slider Value", sliderVal.intValue, 0, 100);

This will add features to the Inspector for the component customInspector which you create in step 2.

2. Create another script (JavaScript) outside of the Editor-folder named customInspector:

#pragma strict

class customInspector extends MonoBehaviour {
	public var sliderVal : int = 0;

    //functions goes here

This is the script that goes on the actual GameObject. A couple of lines more than your actual request but it’s really clean if you think about it.

public int Something;