Deforming a cylinder when pressed by my hand.

Hi, I am working on a college project and need some help. I am working on a project for the Microsoft HoloLens. I have a cylinder and need it to be affected by my hand. In other words if I touched the cylinder’s top surface it will squeeze as if I am pressing on a marshmallow piece then when I remove my hand it returns back to its original shape. Any idea how to do that? How to get my hand position and compare it with the cylinder’s borders? How to change the cylinder’s shape when I press on it?
Anyone can help me with that?
Thank you.
It should be something like this:

InteractionSourceState[] states = InteractionManager.GetCurrentReading();

Thank you @TreyH @drv14
I worked on my project and that what I reached. Can you please help?
I have a cylinder and need it to act as a coil. For example, if I touched the cylinder’s surface it’s height will decrease (scaled in the y direction) as if pressing on a coil then when I remove my hand it returns back to its original size.
This is what I reached till now but I still have some problems that I can’t solve.

public class Deformation : MonoBehaviour

Vector3 tempPos;

private void InteractionManager_SourceUpdated(InteractionSourceUpdatedEventArgs hand)
    if (hand.state.source.kind == InteractionSourceKind.Hand)
        Vector3 handPosition;
        hand.state.sourcePose.TryGetPosition(out handPosition);

        float negXRange = transform.position.x - transform.localScale.x;
        float posXRange = transform.position.x + transform.localScale.x;
        float negYRange = transform.position.y - (transform.localScale.y / 2);
        float posYRange = transform.position.y + (transform.localScale.y / 2);
        float negZRange = transform.position.z - transform.localScale.z;
        float posZRange = transform.position.z + transform.localScale.z;

        float handX = handPosition.x;
        float handY = handPosition.y;
        float handZ = handPosition.z;

        if ((negXRange <= handX) && (handX <= posXRange) && (negYRange <= handY) && (handY <= posYRange) && (negZRange <= handZ) && (handZ <= posZRange))
            tempPos.y = handPosition.y;
            transform.localScale = tempPos;
            tempPos.y = 0.3f;
            transform.localScale = tempPos;

// Use this for initialization
void Start()
    tempPos = transform.localScale;

    InteractionManager.InteractionSourceUpdated += InteractionManager_SourceUpdated;
  1. I attached two scripts to my object (cylinder) the TapToPlace script from the HoloToolKit and the deformation script stated above. The problem is when I deploy to my HoloLens to test, when I place the cylinder first to the needed place then try to deform it after that, it is placed but not deformed. If I tried it the other way around both work. Any ideas why does the deformation script does not work after the TapToPlace one?

  2. The cylinder when viewed by my HoloLens is somehow transparent. I mean that I can see my hand through it. I need it to be more solid.

  3. I wonder if there is something like a delay that I can use because when I use the deformation script stated above the cylinder is scaled to my hand position then scaled back to its default size very fast and appears as if blinking.

  4. At first I place the cylinder on a setup (something as a table for example) then I begin to deform it. When I commented the else part in the deformation script stated above, it was scaled and left stable without returning to the original size. It is scaled symmetrically so its height is decreased from up and down resulting in the base of the cylinder becomes away from the table. I need the base of the cylinder to be always stable and touching the table under it.

Note: I am using Unity 2017.3.1f1 (64-bit) - HoloToolkit-Unity-2017.2.1.3

Thank you in advance.