Degree measurement between two objects : bug

Hello everybody,

i am in big need to measure the relation between object A and Object B in terms of degrees. What do i mean? Imagine a compass. You stand somewhere (your Character Object), you rotate and it shows towards north → you can now how your relation is towards north. In my implementation north would be exactly 180 degree: than i would face it. If i stand to the opposite it would be 0.

Now i don’t want the degree relation between the Character and North, but between him and different Collides in the Game. So i can direct him towards them.

I have kind of working code, but it has few bugs, i will describe below it

    float sign;
    float angle;
    Vector3 targetDir;
    Vector3 forwardDir;
    Vector3 referenceRight;
    float finalAngle;
    Transform target;

    void Start ()
        target = GameObject.Find("Cube").transform;

    void Update () {
        targetDir = target.position - transform.position;
        forwardDir = transform.forward;
        angle = Vector3.Angle(targetDir, forwardDir);

        referenceRight = Vector3.Cross(Vector3.down, forwardDir);
        sign = Mathf.Sign(Vector3.Dot(targetDir, referenceRight));

        finalAngle = sign * angle;

        if (finalAngle < 180) { finalAngle = finalAngle + 180; }
        else if (finalAngle > 180) { finalAngle = finalAngle - 180; }



This code is attached to the first person Player and i have tested it with Small and Big Colliders, Cubes and so on. And it works just fine, except for one bug.


  • If i am standing close to the collider or the Cube or what ever is my target for degree calculation, the degree will jump between let’s say 160-180.
  • If i go even closer, it will jump between 150-190!

The closer i am to the target, the more degrees are jumped over in the front !!!

I would really appreciate any solution. I thought about making a very small object in the collider towards it should point, but it did not help. I decreased the body of the first person character and made him very thin, did not help either …

thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

I think your problem is that you are comparing the angle between 2 3d Vectors.
This should do the trick:

         targetDir = target.position - transform.position;
         forwardDir = transform.forward;
         //new stuff
         targetDir.y = fowardDir.y;
         //end of new stuff
         angle = Vector3.Angle(targetDir, forwardDir);