Delay Function (problem with Time.deltaTime)

Hello, Guys,

I created a function which objective is delay something from happening.
Here it is:

bool delay (float time){
		float delay = 0;
		while (delay < time)
			delay += Time.deltaTime;
			Debug.Log (delay.ToString());
		return true;

My problem is that it’s not working properly. This only works if I put the code directly into the update() function, or else, it goes too fast (that is, instantaneously). Does anyone know what’s happening?

And please, don’t suggest me to use the WaitForSeconds() function : P

open up the Make Something Happen in the future

its got like 5 different ways to delay an action, make something happen in the future, wait for x seconds etc

if you dont like any of those use a coroutine

A co routine is basically using update except not written inside update.