Delay in approval

hello moderators, I posted a question yesterday and I waited patiently for more than 35 hours. I am in urgent need of the answer. kindly look into it.

thanks for all your efforts!

I’ve also been moderating all weekend. And there are no currently pending questions or answers that need moderation. Chances are your question got denied. Make sure you familiarize with the proper way to post questions.

EDIT: Yeah… Your question just popped up. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but Unity Answers is not a place to ask for slave labor. You can’t just go “I need this and that” and expect code to be thrown at you.

Work on in yourself, if you encounter problems, THEN ask about those specific problems. Additionally, its perfectly ok to ask for ideas on how to approach a specific problem. If you’re lucky, someone might even throw some pseudo code your way, but you simply can’t expect for us to do your work for you.

I’ll leave it to the other moderators to decide if they want to approve/deny your question.