Delayed Start Blinking text that stops using GUI

i have a game over screen with gui box and text using C#

i want the text to say “Game Over” then a delay & A few lines lower say “Loading…” blinking (if it could add a dot each blink would be awesome) a few times the disappears and say “Complete”

any help on this would be great, kind of new to the scripting process so over explaining would be awesome.

thinking something like this

class LoadingText
private float elapsedTime;

   private Update()
       elapsedTime += Time.deltaTime;
       if(elapsedTime > 3)
           elapsedTime = 0;

       string loadingStr = "Loading" + new string('.', (int)elapsedTime);
       // set the string



You can set the Gui Text like so:

public GUIText textElement;

void Update()
    textElement.Text = loadingStr;

You can just drag your GuiText object into the text element field in the inspector in the Unity Editor.

Gui Text