Delegates versus class references

I have an open question/concern about delegates/events.

I have units in my project that need to update/send information to a single manager class (one manager class per player). Originally I was going to have each unit have a reference to that manager class and send updates that way. I’m looking to instead implement a delegate/event structure where every unit has a delegate(s) and event(s) and the manager class subscribes to each unit upon creation (manager class is responsible for creating each unit). If units are updating events such resource gathering, spotting enemies, losing territory (essentially each unit could be sending out an event every minute or so and there would be around 30 units per player) is this an inefficient/costly way to be sending messages around?

I really have no practical experience in using delegates so I’m just looking for a little feedback on the matter. Big thanks in advance.

Yes that’s very efficient. Just make sure you unwire the events when the units are destroyed.