Delete a project from Unity Services

How do I delete a project from Unity Services? shows a screenshot that don’t exist anymore (via the cloud build setup).

Unity ID only lets me transfer or rename projects.

Hello @Immanuel-Scholz ,

YES, now you can remove the project from active storage. !

  • Go to Unity ID
  • Select the project (title) you want to delete
  • Click “Settings” (left menu)
  • Press “Archive” and it will remove this project.

This may take a little while to fully take effect :slight_smile:

@ Immanuel Scholz

You can’t.

I got this on a reply from a service request when I asked the same thing just the other day.

“Unfortunately, game projects cannot be deleted at this time due to limitations in our UDN integration, but this should be available in the new future as well.”

“Archive” a project is not “Delete” a project. It is still in storage. You can unarchive any of your projects after you archive it.

Now that Unity has changed its projects website interface, anyone knows the latest method to delete a project. I can’t find that option now.

I found a way to do it, I created a new organization with a random name.
Then I transfered all the projects I wanted to delete to that new organization and archive them all.
After that I just deleted that new organization with all the projects inside and that’s it.

Go to Projects → View → Settings tab → Archive project.

Sure, it’s in the left side. Under settings → General.

I could delete one of my projects If I to documents in the file explorer, you may be able to see the name of your project on a unzipped file. If you delete that, it is also deleted from unity, But if you saved the file somewhere else try deleting it there.
Hope this was helpful!

Same her can any one solved this in 2021