Delete some unused tags and game objects tag changes unity 5


I’ve noticed if I delete any unused tags then and game objects in the scene with tags below the deleted ones change to whatever has moved into that position ?

Should it do that?

I’m sure it didn’t in older versions of Unity.

Unity 5

Cheers …


I would also like to know how and if this is still broken? I have a bunch of unused tags I’d like to remove but it always shifts the tag names below it and messed up all the tag names of the game objects in the scene.

I can’t believe this is still happening in Unity 2020. I delete the top tag and all my gameobjects in the scene got their tags changed to the one above the tag in the tag order. Took me some time to figure out why the game is suddenly broken. On the positive side, restarting Unity somehow got the tags back to where they belonged. The message when you change the tags doesn’t explicitely tell you to restart Unity immediately to avoid tagging errors. It just says the tag is marked for deletion and it’ll be deleted when the project is next loaded. So either the temporary tag-misplacement bug should be fixed or that message should tell about the tagging errors expected.