Deleted a scene, cannot create new one

Hello, and thanks in advance to anyone who may help!

In assets/scenes, I deleted a scene I no longer needed. I also removed all references to it in my scripts. The level it represented in my game still shows in the build settings (File > Build Settings…) with the deleted scene listed, greyed out, including the empty tick box next to it.

Now I want to create a new scene to replace it, but when I go to File > New Scene, nothing happens.

Using version 4.0.1f2 at present.

I am a beginner who has gone through a tutorial for making a simple game three times, so my experience with Unity (and scripting) is very limited. Love the programme, though! Again, thank you.

Using File > New Scene will put you in an empty scene. This may appear to do nothing because you were probably in an empty scene already after you deleted your only scene. If you try File > New Scene, and then do File > Save, you will be able to name your scene and it will appear in your project hierarchy.