Deleted Asset, Any way to recover it?

Hey guys. I just deleted a blender model from my project/Assets by mistake. Is there any way to get it back? I checked my recycling bin and nothing. I did a search of my PC and nothing turned up. Any advice would be great.

This is more of a computer question than a unity one but all I can give is ctrl + z that’s what I do… And most things in unity say " Are you sure you want to delete this ". If they say that and you still click “ok”. That means it’s gone for good.

Unfortunately when an asset is removed by choice from unity, it will no longer be able to be resurrected and used. You would have to go deep, literally, into your hardrive, however if you take it back from permenant deletion it will most likely be horribly corrupted.

A lot of computers these days have some sort of automatic file backup going on you may not be aware of. On Windows 8, I’d check your File History preferences. On Windows 7, I’d check to see if Backup & Restore is active. Or the manufacturer might have installed something else.

Anyway, if it’s important, the thing to do is turn off your computer so it stops stomping over free memory, create a Linux Livecd on a usb drive (on a different computer so you don’t stomp data) and do some standard linux file recovery. Photorec is good.

The other thing you can do is try to decompile a built binary, but I won’t explain how to do that here.

I recommend you start using version control for similar issues.
I use perforce which has a plugin for unity but you can use anything else like Mercurial or Git

Just a precaution

And no other than external data recovery programs i don’t see a direct way to get back your file

Save all of your models regularly to a dedicated folder on your pc and even a USB to be safe in the future.

As far as I’m aware, there is no way to get back a deleted file through Unity but Blender may/may not have a way of retreiving a deleted file.

The only thing I could think of doing (if it is worth getting that model back)is saving your current Unity project, doing a system restore to go back to an earlier point in time and maybe your model will still be there in your project.