Delta Time Going Backwards?

hi guys,

Got a problem…

My script has been working fine until i moved computers and now its saved funny and im not sure why?

i have two cars, both traveling from left to right acrross the screen. one uses Delta Time and the other does not. Ive come to open the project a couple of days back and now my cars are travelling Right to Left insteand of Left to Right.

What the heck is going on?

	public GameObject carWithoutDeltaTime;
	public GameObject carWithDeltaTime;
	public float speed = 1f;


	void Update () {

		carWithoutDeltaTime.transform.Translate (speed, 0,0);
		carWithDeltaTime.transform.Translate (speed* Time.deltaTime,0,0);

		if(carWithoutDeltaTime.transform.position.x > 200){
			carWithoutDeltaTime.transform.position = new Vector3(-5,-1,0);

		if(carWithDeltaTime.transform.position.x > 20){
			carWithDeltaTime.transform.position = new Vector3(-5,-4,0);

I dont believe i have interfered with the code at all since it was working. Does Delta Time progress in a positive way from Left to Right from the Front View or the Default Back view?

In front view positive X is right to left so both should move from right to left. Just be aware that by default Translate uses local-space so if one of the objects have been rotated it could be different.
You could either reset the rotation or use world-space instead like this.

        carWithoutDeltaTime.transform.Translate(speed, 0, 0, Space.World);
        carWithDeltaTime.transform.Translate(speed * Time.deltaTime, 0, 0, Space.World);