Deploy server on Ubuntu VPS

Hey everyone,

I am looking to deploy a multiplayer server (unity standalone) on ubuntu VPS hosting.
Here is my configuration, VPS server (with no graphics at all)
-Ubuntu 14.10 64bit OS

How do I:

-Publish my unity project for Linux headless 64bit

-Run the server on my VPS, without graphics.

I have not managed to create a headless test build even for Windows, my development platform.

Best regards

It is possible on Windows and Linux.

On Windows

  • -batchmode

Run Unity in batch mode. This should always be used in conjunction with the other command line arguments as it ensures no pop up windows appear and eliminates the need for any human intervention. When an exception occurs during execution of script code, asset server updates fail or other operations fail Unity will immediately exit with return code 1. Note that in batch mode, Unity will send a minimal version of its log output to the console. However, the Log Files still contain the full log information. Note that opening a project in batch mode whilst the Editor has the same project open is not supported. Only a single instance of Unity can run at a time.

  • -nographics (Windows only)

When running in batch mode, do not initialize graphics device at all. This makes it possible to run your automated workflows on machines that don’t even have a GPU (automated workflows only work, when you have a window in focus, otherwise you can’t send simulated input commands).



  1. Build for Windows, Mac, Linux.
  2. Open CMD.
  3. cd /path_build/
  4. standalone.exe -nographics -batchmode