Deploying game to IOS device

Hi, i have made a game for mobile devices but i’m not going to put it on any app-store. I have built the IOS game from the build menu, and found all those files but I have no clue where to copy them to on a IOS device.

I am using unity4 free

I have managed to deploy my game to my friend’s android phone. So with IOS is there any additional software i need to deploy it? If there is additional software, how much is it?

-thanks in advance, Harry.

iOS is quite a bit more complicated than Android. You require a program called Xcode that runs on the Mac OSX only (thus requiring you to have access to a Mac, or searching for a workaround - there are some, but they can be complicated).

The Unity Docs (and XCode Guide) has a decent guide for this, but it is a bit of a headache to get everything working. I primarily work on iOS games right now, and you’ll pretty much never hear anyone talk about building to iOS in any positive way.

This Answer is pretty useful as well

Most of what you will need is found from the Apple Developer information after you build out of Unity though.