deployment problems

i am trying to run a game i’m working for android on android 2.3.3, i only get the unity3D logo and then it exits the application.
i build it for the same type of mobile phone but this one uses android 2.2 and another mobile phone that uses android 2.1 and game works fine.

does anyone have this problem or an idea how to resolve this problem?.


I have the same issue I have started a thread on the community forum

and have submitted a bug crash with unity3d, hopefully we can will receive a way to solve this.

I have the fix!

Goto and install the latest version. If you have 3.4.2f2 Android deployment has a bug, but their latest version 3.4.2f3 resolves this. You can not update your editor through the “check for updates” goto and download it from there as it is not recognized as a new update.