depois de compilado a força do "addforce" muda!// after compiling the strength of the "addforce" changes!

eu criei um game 2D, porém depois de compilado os objetos onde eu apliquei “addforce” ficam mais rápidos que o normal. alguém sabe oque pode ser?

I created a 2D game, but after compiling the objects where I applied “addforce” get faster than normal. Does anyone know what can it be?[google translate]

One reason I have in mind is that you call AddForce without normalizing it with FixedDeltaTime. Since the game can run differently fast applying e.g. 5 as a force makes a difference if it’s running 60 fps or 250.
Multiply by FixedDeltaTime (I assume you run AddForce in FixedUpdate)