Depth Camera rotating with main camera, weird delay

I have 2 cameras at the moment, depth 0 is rendering the skybox and my day/night/weather system. The second is rendering everything else. On the top level i have this script to rotate with the main camera (second cam):

public class CameraRotateToMain : OWSGBehaviour {

    void Update () {
        this.transform.rotation = Camera.main.transform.rotation;

It does what it says, but it has a small delay to it, so when you rotate near an object with the sun in the background you can clearly see sun acting like its moving with smoothing.

Video example

The order of Update() calls are not defined unless you explicitly set it in Script Execution Order, so it’s possible that you follow the main camera, and then you reposition it.

For this script, I’d change Update() to LateUpdate().