Depth Mask / Reverse UI Mask for UI staying on screen even when disabled,Depth Mask / Reverse Mask in UI remain transparent even when disabled

Good morning,

I’ve tried using all the methods to make a part of the render transparent determined by other object, and most of them work, and they work very well on 3D objects. However, when I try to use it for UI Components, while they make transparent the different parts, they will make that transparent part of the screen like that forever, even if I translate, rotate or disable the component with the Material that caused it. If I move it, that part of the screen is also the same way.

(Third image: )

I should mention that it happens both in case of Depth Mask ( ), Reverse UIMask / UIMasked ( GitHub - dreamcodestudio/UIMask: Reverse Mask of Unity "Mask" component )and several others, so it’s not only one case. I’ve been trying to reach for answers but I haven’t found anything, could you please help me?

Thank you and regards.

Ok, by my own I found that changing the Canvas to Screen Space - Camera (instead of Overlay) allows to move the Depth Mask object and only making transparent the part I need to (and also disable it). I still don’t know why this problem happens in Overlay, and now I have to make a few changes to adapt my UI to the Screen Space - Camera, but this is better than nothing.