Design Chair Package

16 Design Chairs

Interior furniture package (PM me for details as it is not available in asset store).

I finally managed to get this package done - have spend quite some time on this one :)

Due to asset store rules I cannot display real names of these furnitures, but I think you can recognize most of them.
All 16 chairs are very famous design-icons by well-known designers (some a bit more internationally known than others). I have spend a lot of time optimizing and proper unwrapping these models (all chairs have lightmaps, baked with skylight). I have also tried my best to follow measurements but I cannot guarantee that they are 100% correct.

Some might say that an average tris count of 2.050 is a lot for one model - but it really comes down to individual taste - and I don't like my models to be too 'edgy'. They might not be suitable for iphone/android type of platform, but I have tried using good typology where I could, so it should not be a big pain in the *** to optimize them further ;)

Well here's a webplayer:

and here's some images (all taken within unity using two standard directional lights).


They look nice, but the polycount is indeed too high for them to be of much use as level assets unfortunately. At least for me.

Hi Sollthar - Thanks. I guess you mean they are too high for iphone/android levels?
- I have made 3d showrooms with these semi high models (2-5k tris) and I could afford to have several hundreds of them in one scene -and that was before the new occlusion culling system and with no LOD models - still keeping high fps.

you can but you really dont want to have that mnay polys, your pc may be alot better than most peoples pcs and so what runs well for you may run horrible for others.

The basic rule is times its importance in game by 10 to get the poly count, a character is veryimportant so 1000 meaning spend 10000polys on everything it needs, a chair is very unimportant so will proberbly score about a 50 unless your making a chair based game that is. So a base score of 50 means spend about 500polys on it give or take. a vechical is pretty important so a score of 500 would give you about 5000polys to work with pretty simple guidline, also applies to scale, bigger = more polys.

Normal maps will take care of the smoothing ignore areas the player will not easily be able to see and you should be fine mate.

Yeah, I'm not talking iPhone.

I'm trying to keep my polycount to about 100'000 to 200'000 for the entire game so it runs on lower end plattforms as well. Since character models are important and expensive, I wouldn't want to spend more then 400 to 700 polys on a prop - definately not 2000. In fact, not even my characters have 2000 polys so far.

I'm sure it's great for some kind of architectural visualization where you only have one house or room, but as soon as you go bigger and also have other propers with that kind of size, it's going to get very very poly heavy.

@MrSmive - Yeah I agree these would not be suitable for your regular type of fps games. I have written in the description of the package that they could be used for architectural presentation, interior decoration and stuff like that.

@Sollthar - arh you beat me to it :)

Sorry for bumping this thread - just wanted to let you know that my package was taken down from the asset store -due to copyright issues.
They don't want anything that looks like a 'famous icon'. They also write this in the Asset store pdf, but I took a chance :)

well anyway, you can find them here instead but this time you have to setup materials for your self (textures are provided).