Design patterns for auto dynamic difficulty

I have want to learn about design patterns for automatically adapting difficultly level of game. I was reading this paper.

I was wondering if i could implement any one of the design pattern mentioned in the paper. If any one have a game or know a source from where i can get a game with implemented pattern in unity. So i can learn these pattern and see their functionality?

There is a Ps2 game called GodHand, his difficukty level its awesome check it out.

Actually i made something like that , psuedo code:

make a class to hold the attack rate and the max continuos attackers,

all attack request will be stored to a list and when they finish the attack, kick em from the attackes list, so they cant do more attacks unless they back to the list, when they arent in the attacker list make them wander around or block or stay away from player i dunno wharever you want.