Desktop Standalone Not Working In Fullscreen Mode

Hello. We recently had our game greenlit on Steam (woo hoo!) but am having some trouble getting the desktop build working properly. I’m currently on OSX. The game appears to run fine if I start it up in windowed mode. However, if I go full screen, then all I get is a blank black screen. I know the app is running because I can hear the background music but there are no graphics at all to be seen. I’ve checked the Player.log file and I don’t see any errors.
Is there a known cause/solution for a desktop standalone to only work in windowed mode but not fullscreen?

I have found this problem to happen when the game is built on Windows with PNG assets. Try converting all textures from PNG to something like PSD.


Mostly the important files (such as the game icon) can get messed up on mac. This is normally an indication of a problem with the image formats and results in a similar problem to the one you are having.