Destroy game object with tag

Hi so I am trying to get my player to be able to pick up health items with the following code:

var maxHealth = 100;
 public static var currentHealth = 100;
 var PlayerHealthDisplay : GUIText; 
 var meep;
 function Start() {
 function DisplayAmount () {
     PlayerHealthDisplay.text = ""+ currentHealth;
function OnTriggerEnter(collider:Collider) {
meep = gameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("meep");
	if (collider.tag == "beep"){
         currentHealth += -10;
         PlayerHealthDisplay.text = ""+ currentHealth;
     else if (collider.tag == "meep"){
     	currentHealth += 5;
     	PlayerHealthDisplay.text = ""+ currentHealth;

The health points on objects tagged with “meep” are added but the specific health object I run over is not destroyed. When I run over the object, I get the error:

InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
health.OnTriggerEnter (UnityEngine.Collider collider) (at Assets/health.js:22)

I would like to be able to run over an object, destroy only this health object, not the others, and receive health points. Thanks!

Do use gameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag of this. I’m guessing it’s the destroy call causing the invalid cast.
use should use collider.gameObject.

try this:
get rid of the meet variable
and replace