Destroy GameObject behind the Main Camera

Hi guys,

I made 1 straight road where the character with Main Camera moves only forward. What I’m trying to do is to destroy all the objects behind the Main Camera without using Occlusion Culling.

Someone knows how to do that?

Please help.

Thanks in advance


  //Presuming you have the item to be tested in a variable called "item"

  float distanceToCull = 4f;

  var cameraPosition = Camera.main.transform.position;
  var vectorToItem = (item.position - cameraPosition);
  if(Vector3.Angle(vectorToItem, Camera.main.transform.forward) > 90) //It's behind us
       //Perhaps ensure it's far enough away
       if(vectorToItem.sqrMagnitude > distanceToCull * distanceToCull)
           //Kill it

Depending on how your game actually works, put this script on each object:

function OnBecameInvisible () {
    Destroy (gameObject);