Destroy Immediately bug

So here is an odd bug im having with unity (im having lots of unreal shit happening with my code that shouldnt be possible with programming atm but here we go)

I keep getting this error
Destroying object immediately is not permitted during physics trigger and contact callbacks. You must use Destroy instead.

Heres the thing, In the script im making I NEVER use any sort of Destroy function
when i double click the error it brings me to this line


basically its an occlusion culling and im just turning off the models visual mesh

does anyone have any idea whats going on here

yea but your disabling the mesh on which the collision occured in the middle of the collision. I can see why unity might think thats a bad idea.

if your looking for free culling use the free one endorsed by the UNITY devs.

the devs themselves recommend you download it for that purpose.

just search the unity asset store for M2HCulling.

its also a link on there website.