Destroy NetViewWork GameObject

I use NetWork in my project. In game, something are creat Dynamic which will be destroy after been used.
I use Network.Destroy function. it’s all right in all connect player. but when a new player connect to server, i see all object who has been destroy by Network.Destroy are creat in new player’s Hierarchy windows.
i want to know why. and how to destroy the NewtViewWork object.i don’t want the object who has been destroy are creat in new connect agin;

The problem is this: Network.Instantiate is buffered (meaning that new players will always receive every Instantiation call made since the server was established when they log on), but Network.Destroy is not. This means that when a player logs on, all the buffered ‘instantiation’ calls will be sent to them immediately, even if they should have been destroyed already.

The only real solution is to move away from using ‘Network.Instantiate’ and ‘Network.Destroy’ to manage the creation and destruction of ephemeral objects, and to instead manually send around networkviewIDs using (non-buffered) RPCs, making sure that new players only receive what they need to receive when they log on.

In general, managing a ‘drop in, drop out’ style game can become fairly complicated as a result of all this.