Destroy objects

So I am working on a flappy bird style game. I am spawning “coins” but in looks of bottles so we’ll call them bottles, that the person can collect, I am spawning them with the parallexer script that I am using to spawn the pipes and I am destroying them on collision with the player through the Tap Controller by tag and adding score/bottles to the player’s score, everything works great BUT.

There is a Pool Size in my parallexer script which means how many bottles spawn in total, it’s set to 50 currently because if I go over 100 or 150 it lags and stuff. So the bottles spawn, if collected then they disappear and next one appears, but the number goes down say I spawn 50 and I collect 2 then there are 48 left, once I collect the 48 then no bottles spawn until the game is completely restarted(not replayed), how do I fix this? It somehow needs to spawn again once destroyed or something I don’t know

Here are the “bottles” and once collided and destroyed one always disappears when there are no left, obviously then no more bottles spawn. How do I prevent this?

Can I add you on skype so I can show you the code it will be way easier for you to help me would be great @DCordoba

You’ll need to share your code so we can help you.

Where is your limit set?
Where is your code that randomly generates the coins on screen?

You’ll need a basic variable for the limit:

Public float birdLimit;

In the code that generates the birds, you’ll want something like:

GameObject goArr = GameObject.Find(“pfand 1”);

If (goArr