Destroy then Clone Help please?

I’m trying to write a script that Destroys an object after 3 seconds, then waits 2 more seconds, then clones that object so it can continue. The problem I’m having is the object never gets destroyed. Here’s my code:

//Sphere Countdown

//Public Variables
var wait : int = 5;

//Private Variables

function CoUpdate () 
    yield WaitForSeconds(wait);

Also, is there any way I could call in another script when the object clones itself?

First hi
Then Come On! :smiley:
the script will go on till " Destroy(gameObject,3); " then it will destroy the object that script is in it! so it wouldn’t continue…
you can do 3 way :
1.move the script to onother gameobject

  1. move the script to another gameobject and then use " gameobject.find " to find the object that need to be destroyed & then destroy it
  2. 3 or you can easily put destroy on the last line … and if you want to disapear it just for a few sec and then destroy it use " gameobject.renderer == false " …

On the object to be destoryed

public var GameControl : GameObject;

function GetRidOff()


On the GameControl Object

function SpawnNew(){
yield WaitForSeconds(5);