Destroyed gameobject become Null ?

Hi, I have an issue, I destroyed my gameObject “ColToMove” but “if (ColToMove!=null)” is still true. I also have an error console saying that “ColToMove.transform.position” has been destroyed and that I should check if it is not null or not destroy it.

This function ReplaceCube() is called in a OnCollisionExit2D().

Is someone can explain me why “if (ColToMove!=null)” is true ?


function ReplaceCube(col:Collision2D) {
	if (col.gameObject.tag != "StartCube") {
		if (ColToMove!=null) {
			if (RandomHightDown==1) {
				ColToMove.transform.position = PreviousPosition + CubeEspaceHight;
				PreviousPosition += CubeEspaceHight;
			else if (RandomHightDown==2){
				ColToMove.transform.position = PreviousPosition + CubeEspaceDown;
				PreviousPosition += CubeEspaceDown;

If you destroy and call in the same frame, Destroy happens at the end of the frame, soyour object still exist until the end of the frame.

You could use DestroyImmediate().