Destroyed objects show up on newly connected players

When I network destroy a object that was instantiated by the server any clients that connect to the server after the object is destroyed have a instance of the object in their scene.

I was wondering if anyone might know what i'd need to do to prevent this from happening?

Thnx for any help you can provide.

Since I've had the same issue, I guess that Network.Instantiate uses buffered RPCs. I can see two solutions to this: One is using groups and removing the buffered RPCs (don't have the name of the method in my mind right now, but it's well documented). The other one is: Not using Network.Instantiate and doing the network instantiation yourself. There's a good example for how to do this I think in the docs in NetworkView.RPC(...)

Sunny regards,

Thanks for the advice, I feel myself getting close to solving it, but I'm still having problems. I made a simple scene to figure it out as follows:

The first script is attached to the camera and allows the user to start a server or connect. If the player starts a server a prefab is network instantiated.

this is attached to the instantiated object:

function Start () {
    if (Network.isServer) { = 1;

So if i start this up and launch the server, then open a second instance and connect the prefab is still around... If i change:
it works, but that doesn't help me.

If what i wrote makes sense any help would be great.

ok, figured it out... in:
the 0 at the end defines the group... was just blindly putting it in until now :lol:
and what i have above defines the group of the networkview... not the instantiation