destroying a collected coin

okay guys so i am pretty new, and im stumped a bit,m basically using everything from the flappy bird tutorial mechanics… anyways so here are the details. i have coins on the screen, ive managed to give them sound effects awesome, okay so i need them to disappear… the only thing ive tried that works is

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Column : MonoBehaviour
    **void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)
        if (other.GetComponent<Bird>() != null)
            //If the bird hits the trigger collider  then
            //tell the game control that the bird scored.

now i understand that destroys everything including the script… and my game is crashing because its trying to find these destroyed remains, anyways so i’m sure you already know my question now, but i will still ask it, what exact code do i need to basically say after the score increases make the object disappear until it needed again. (or needs to re-spawn etc) i’ve been trying to figure out the sound for days now finally got it, felt great when my coins started disappearing with a cha’ching sound but a keep running into walls here, and im running out of free time this is the last thing i need to polish off for now, so if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it, last bits of details, i have 2 different coins, both in a separate prefab of their own, they are literally just single coins in the prefabs (except the one has 5 overlapping each other to give 5 poiints per coin. ) if my grammer and typing is bad i apologize im super exhausted and heading to bed now lol, thanks again

update i have tried many different options that work however same results, i’ve looked on unity docs , here, stack overflow, other sources, and so many people have the same problem with different fixes due to obvious reasons such as different game different code/structure etc. however, is there a line of code to add to my object pooling script to make the coins disappear, i managed to make the coins disapear false but one all the clones are set to false there\s no way for me to set them true again, even with adding true underneath. and other possible locations. its been a week, i don’t like posting questions online i just like to figure stuff out on my own but i sucked in my pride to ask for help and i’m not receiving anything and im frustrated lol please people


I’m new here too so sorry if this doesnt work, but how about disabling the mesh renderer of the coins so they’re just invisible, and enable them again when needed

public MeshRenderer mr;

mr.enabled = false;
mr.enabled = true;