Destroying a gameobject clone after a time

Here is my code for spawning multiple enemies forever. The level changes if they kill the player. How can i get it so that if the cloned objects collide with something then its deleted without causing errors i know to use something like this

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class trigger_Destroy: MonoBehaviour {
	void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D coll) {
		if (coll.gameObject.tag == "floor")
			Debug.Log("destroying enemy...");

But of course it wont work as the object the script is using is being deleted… im stumped really. Not to sure on where to go. Any help is always appreciated.

var theObject:GameObject;
var maxPosx:float = 2.898618; // x axis
var minPosx:float = -1.89557; // x axis
var delay:float = 0.5; // delay each spawned item by 0.5
var maxPosy:float = 5.086665; // y axis
var minPosy:float = 5.086665; // y axis

function Start(){
    function spawn() : IEnumerator {
        for (;;) {
           yield WaitForSeconds(delay);
           var theNewPos= new Vector3 (Random.Range(minPosx,maxPosx),Random.Range(minPosy,maxPosy),0);
           var go : GameObject = Instantiate(theObject);
           go.transform.position = theNewPos;


EDIT: What if i added


Which would destroy the cloned object that isnt needed? Im not on unity now but would this work in theory?

If you know of a way that i can edit this script to remove the spawned objects after a time i would appreciate it.

Of course it’s stopping the coroutine, because you’re deleting the object itself that have attached the script. You should manage the spawn on a script attached to another object that is not going to be destroyed.

Once again i have answered my own question. I needed to destroy the clone, not the object itself.

in this case it would be


Turn it around! Make the floor kill the enemy.