destroying children of a gameobject

in my game i have a defense system when they go to 0 hp the children of the object needs to get destroyed how would i do this?

i have this empty :stuck_out_tongue:

if(CurHealth == 0){


the game object cant be destroyed and there are other objects with the same name. just so you know.
the object is cached as East and i need to delete the children it has.

You need to access the children:
Put this in the parent object:

function GetRidOfChild(){    
  var script : ScriptNameInChild; 
  script = GetComponentInChildren(ScriptNameInChild);
  script.ChildDestroy ();

Then in the child object, place a ScriptNameInChild.js (You can use another name obviously)

function ChildDestroy(){

Name the script with a special name so that it odes not mess up with other objects.

I tried it and it works so 100%.