Destroying GUI.Label after X seconds

Hi. I need help with one thing, that i can’t make.
Can anyone explain me how to destroy GUI.Label after X seconds? And maybe how to add fade out transition (if possible).
Please write the code in C#, because i;m understanding it faster than JS :wink:

GUI code is immediate mode, so GUI.Label only exists for one frame, therefore it’s not something you ever destroy. Rather you can just stop using it after X seconds in your OnGUI function, using some kind of timer (using Invoke would be a simple way). You can use a boolean (“if (showLabel) GUI.Label(…)”), or for best performance disable the script, that way the OnGUI function will stop running entirely.

public GUI.Label m_temp;
public float m_seconds = 5;

void Start()
destroy ( m_temp, m_seconds );