Destroying Multiple Game Objects w/ OnTriggerEnter

I am trying to create a script that will destroy three separate game objects in my scene when the (standard asset) FPSController enters the trigger it is placed on. I have been trying to write this in Js because I would like to assign both the FPSController name and the game object name(s) in the inspector instead of the code.

Below I have created a pseudo code of what I think the code will look like:

var (name of the FPSController)
var (Object1 that will get destroyed)
var (Object2 that will get destroyed)
var (Object3 that will get destroyed)

function (OnTriggerEnter script)
        If Collider == (name of FPSController)
               Destroy (Object1)
               Destroy (Object2)
               Destroy (Object3)

Any help is appreciated, I am new to coding and keep getting errors in anything I produce for this solution.

FYI; you can assign things in the inspector in both languages, it isn’t something limited to JS. You would do this pretty much how you have written it;

public var controller : GameObject;
public var object1 : GameObject;
public var object2 : GameObject;
public var object3 : GameObject;

function OnTriggerEnter (col : Collider)
    if (col.transform.gameObject == controller) {
        Destroy (object1);
        Destroy (object2);
        Destroy (object3);