Destroying Netowork Player on Disconnect

Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to access a GameObject with:

function OnPlayerDisconnected(player : NetworkPlayer) {
Debug.Log("Clean up after player " + player);

I Don’t have my network script attached to a player, I have it attached to a Empty GameObject Called Network Manager.

I wanted to know if i could somehow make

player : NetworkPlayer = GameObject.Find(Cloned Prefab)

Without any errors

The way I solve this, is to store the NetworkPlayer and PlayerPrefab in a Dictionary with one acting as Key, and the other as Value (I actually keep two dictionaries, the seconds having the Key and Value types reversed). Part of how I do this is to create the PlayerPrefab instance inside the OnPlayerConneted callback, storing it as a Value, with the NetworkPlayer argument as the Key.

This way I can just use the received/sent NetworkPlayer from an RPC to easily grab the corresponding GameObject.

I use this Unity - Scripting API: Network.DestroyPlayerObjects but I think this will destroy every Gameobject instantiated by the Player who disconnected.