Destroying object, no triggers/collisions on duplicated objects after

Hi all.
For example, I have an object, and other, which is duplicated from first.
And I have player object. When player triggers first object, I make there Destroy(). Object destroys ok, but after this, no trigger with other (duplicated) object. What I am doing wrong?

What I have noticed while using Unity, and I am new to it, is that when you duplicate GameObjects in the editor, the duplicate is somehow inherently linked to the original.
For example, if you were to create a box and give it a red colour, and then duplicate it and try to give the duplicate a yellow colour, then the original box’s colour will also change to red.

This suggests that duplications is not a simple copy paste but something that also links the two objects to be the same.

What I would try in your case is to create a prefab out of the `GameObject` that you want to have copies of, and then use the [Object.Instantiate][1] method to create clones of the object.