Destroying objects within collision

I am having a problem when destroying an object while it is within a collider.
I’m not trying to have the collider destroy the object.

Think of TF2, Overwatch, or Paladins. The Capture The Point type of gameplay is what I am working on… but if a character is still within the capture point and is destroyed, it is still being counted as being on point.

I have two scripts I am trying to work with on this:
This is the script on the Objective Point

public float redCapCols;
public float blueCapCols;

private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col){
if (col.tag == "TeamBlue"){
if (col.tag == "TeamRed"){

This is the script on the player

public GameObject capPoint;
public float redCapCol;
public float blueCapCol;
public float curHealth;

void Start(){
CapPoint capturePoint = capPoint.GetComponent<CapPoint>();
redCapCol = capturePoint.redCapCols;
blueCapCol = capturePoint.blueCapCols;
private void OnTriggerStay (Collider col){
if (col.tag == "objective" && this.tag == "TeamRed"){
if(curHealth <= 0){
if (col.tag == "objective" && this.tag == "TeamBlue"){
if (curHealth <= 0){

The Character Script also has code that will destroy it and whatnot when curHealth <= 0, but when the player is destroyed The CapCol(s) will keep a counter even with the Player gone.

In the player Script I have tried OnTriggerEnter, OnTriggerStay, and OnTriggerExit, cannot find how to fix this problem.

in the character keep a variable of the current capture point it’s on. then add a

void OnDestroy() {
    thatCollider.OnTriggerExit( /* the characters collider */ );

that should fix the problem entirely.