destroying objects

hi i know this sound impossible but is there anyway to make destructible objects like in crysis?

There are many ways. The most popular and easiest to accomplish is to create multiple meshes for you model that you swap out when your object takes damage. Here would be an example.

Mesh for house -> attacked by player -> delete the first mesh and spawn a mesh without a piece of it.

Another idea would be to use a realtime mesh deformation like in Red Fraction Guerrilla by scripting the physics and move vertices around and spawn new debris objects.

Personally I would use the first method because I thinks its easier, but if you are a good programmer, then the second way may be better.

I think that the best Idea is the second one suggested, since it would make for better calculation of where the object has been hit, making it look more realistic. the first one would require about 20-30 objects for a very small object, which would take forever to make.