Destructible props - city and cars

Hello, I have a question.
I have simple city with cars. Player can control the car. Car has rigid body and box collider attached.
And here’s the question - how do I create various props (road signs, trash bins, benches etc.) that will stand normally, and when player hits them, they will slow the car down and fall on the ground? (like in GTA - when you hit the lamp, it slows you down and falls with physics). I tried simply to attach a rigid body to lamp, but it makes the lamp to fall immediately after starting the game - physics are working

Hello @Artur7 !

I recommend you to make the props not “physics” affected (no rigidBody). Instead i recomment to use the OnTriggerEnter method. and modify all parameters (car speed, prop destroy animation) via scripting.

You can read my awnser to this post, explaining hot to use the OnTriggerEnter method. Instead of destroying the object, you need to change the car speed, activate promp destroy animation, and everything else you want.

I don’t know if this gives you a solution. If not, ask more using @tormentoarmagedoom !

Bye :smiley:

Ok, seems good, but how to make the lamp (or whatever city object) fall down when it is hit?