Detail brush not rendering correctly in game

I’m painting details on my unity terrain with the detail brush - in this case, a 3D mesh of a low poly bush:

But in the game (running on iPad), it looks like this:

The Render Mode is set to Grass. I’ve tried various shaders - Transparent/Grass, Standard, Mobile. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Also, if I add the mesh separately, i.e. not painted as a detail mesh, it renders fine.

@digicub detail meshes can’t have any colliders or more than one material attached to them. if they do have those, then they are going to act either very funky or will not show up at all.

from my experience is detail mesh not all that great in unity terrain. for bushes etc. i just place them like trees.

when you place them as trees you can give them colliders and two materials instead of one, if that’s what you need.
besides this i have no idea how to fix your alpha planes, i think the best option would be to replace them as trees…