Detail Mesh appearing below terrain

I made a fern using blender. I imported the .blend file to unity and then selected it as a detail mesh in the terrain options. I painted it on the terrain and it shows up below the terrain, instead of above/on the terrain.

Second question, I can’t figure out how the Vertex Alpha painting in blender to unity works to make it stop blowing around all over the place. I made the fern, applied the textures, and then clicked vertex paint, but it isn’t working like the tutorials I’m watching. If anyone has a good link, I’d appreciate it.

Nevermind, I solved it. In Blender I put the 3D cursor at the base of the Fern and then pressed space in the Object window and typed set origin. I went down to set origin to 3D cursor, saved, and then refreshed everything in Unity and viola it was all fixed.